Sunday, November 06, 2016

Uncia dressed

Today I unpinned the now dry Uncia from the floor where it was blocking; weaving in the very few ends completed the job. 

Two things become evident: what a glorious piece of lace this is, and how difficult it is to wear in any way which would do it justice.  One could imagine someone tall in a very plain, flowing dress.  She might be able to carry it off.  I am not built on those lines, sadly.

It does actually represent a piece of fan vaulting, rising to that extravagant flowering of lace at the widest part.  

So - you ask about straightening wire with a drill.  Remember:  I am not advising you to try this at home.  But it did provide me with a pair of blocking wires for £2.99.

This is what the man said: Buy a coil of heavy duty garden uncoated garden wire.  Cut off more than the length needed. Tie one end round a post in your garden.  Grip the other end securely in the chuck of the drill.  Run the drill very slowly.  This straightens out the wire and makes it become rigid. 

We tried it and it worked, although I was imagining the wire suddenly whipping across the garden, so we took it very slowly.  We did not know whether running it clockwise or anti-clockwise made a difference.  Maybe we just got it right by chance.

This is the edging lace for Houlland, also from "The Book of Haps." 


kristieinbc said...

Your Uncial is so very beautiful! I have the greatest admiration for you and Jean for knitting them.

Mary Lou said...

Oh my goodness - beautiful. And I am equally in awe of the wire-straightening gambit.

Anonymous said...

Even more spectacular now that it's off the wires!

And thank you for the wire/drill instructions -- a handy
thing to know.
Sharon N.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It really is beautiful . You'll have to wear it all day and every day till you've found 'your' way of wearing it ... and then you'll never want to take it off .

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Unica! I would be a bit stumped on how to wear it but it's a grand looking hap. Gorgeous job!

knitski said...

Beautiful blue! Your work is just stunning! Thanks for sharing.