Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Notes on knitting Uncia 3

Funny how quickly details of the pattern fade, even though it was a fully immersive knit at the time. 

Chart D begins the beautiful panelled section, with diamond blocks outlined in various ways.

I found a big problem in moving through Row 249, at the start of Chart E.  It was the only section where I took it back several times without being able to resolve the issue.

M1, it explains in the Abbreviations, is meant to be a lifted increase, picking up the strand between the stitches and knitting, or purling, into the back of it.  But in Row 249, M1 follows or precedes a YO.  This caused me real problems, because whatever I was doing did not result in two stitches increased.  Eventually, I grasped where the strand was to come from in each case and was able to proceed, but I can still see where that section was in the finished piece.

Much later, in Chart H, you have to M1 on the wrong side, above a YO on the previous row, and this too seemed impossible.  I appear to have solved this by knitting into the front and back of the stitch instead of lifting a strand.  This gives what looks like a purl bump at the start of the elongated stitch, but I could not see another way to do it.  I doubt that anyone else would notice.

  With many types of knitting  the processes are really quite simple.  Most cables are easy once the basic process is grasped.  Lots of lace is like this too.  Uncia was different; the process was a constant challenge.  Once blocked, however, the lace blooms in all its glory.  It is a learning experience, but the finished product is spectacular.


Anonymous said...

The M1/yarnover explanation is most helpful -- thank you!
What a truly beautiful shawl you have to show for all that work.
Sharon N.

knitski said...

This is a master piece! I love your comments about notes or the lack of note taking. I am horribly quilty of this myself!