Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Eaters

The harvesting of the pumpkins: much to-ing and fro-ing with the wheelbarrow and an attempt at the world's strongest woman contest. Such glorious autumn weather, so that we were able to clear the bean row, the corn patch and the courgettes. How bucolic that sounds!

Weighing in at 30 pounds, the big one beat those grown by the nurseryman who has the plot just over from us. Not that we were trying for a record with these. But I did notice last year how well they stored into real winter. And I do like the idea of produce stashed away against the cold.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Turkish slippers

A pair of fancy knitted slippers, given to me by my sister, who bought them from a stall in a street market in Istanbul. It is part of the challenge of the holiday to locate a little something which will suit the taste of the recipient, while also redolent of the place visited. Over the years, I've been gifted reindeer horn buttons from Iceland and Mountain Colours sock yarn, on this principle.

The slippers are of interesting construction: DK, starting with an 8 stitch strip for the heel . This is knit for abour four inches, then stitches picked up on each side, probably on two separate needles. After about four inches of Garter, this is joined and a stocking stitch Fair Isle section begins. The decreases for the toe are on every round, at the top and bottom of the foot, so as to create a pointed toe. The final section is Kitchenered, so there is no seaming involved. The top edge is then finished with a row of crochet. I could see these being travel slipers, as they are flat to pack.

On the mitten front: I was pleased that the mittens finally arrived in Rochester, after more than two months travel. It had seemed silly to send them air-mail when it was still summer, but I wasn't expecting it to take this long.

Meanwhile, Helena has named me as a "Blog she likes to read", which makes me feel a fraud as I post so rarely. I have enjoyed seeing new blog titles mentioned on this scheme, however. I always read Jean Miles, as she posts daily and always has something of interest to say. I also love Knitting on Impulse and Little Cotton Rabbit. Both of these are the work of artists in colour and design, very different in style but very beautiful to look at.