Friday, November 04, 2016

Blocking Uncia

At my knitting group the other day, I found myself explaining what blocking is and how it would affect a piece of finished lace.  In the past, I would have pinned out the composite parts of a garment and given them a light press on the reverse, without soaking the pieces.  But blocking is a whole different matter.

First, I went across to the hardware store - Fork Handles - and bought a coil of garden wire.  The man in the shop told me an improbable method of straightening the wire with an electric drill.  I could foresee all sorts of bizarre accidents ensuing from this.  However, this morning I repeated the instructions to my husband who carried out the procedure and produced straight and rigid wire.  I needed two lengths to use on Uncia.

This is Uncia as it came off the needles, with the openwork and lace sections densely packed.

Fifteen minutes in a warm soak and a rinse and then I threaded the two wires down through the eyelets at each side.  Pinned out on an old tablecloth to dry, it looks like this.

Obviously we should now have  a glamour shot of Uncia being worn by some gamine young thing - no such person was to hand.   I fear that Uncia might come into the category of garment which wears you rather than you wearing it.  Hats off to the designer, Lucy Hague.


Michael said...

Okay, so we all need to know.. how do you straighten wire with an electric drill?

Anonymous said...

Shandy, your Uncia is beautiful!
Love the Celtic panel too.
Yes, how DO you straighten wire with an electric drill?
Sharon -- longime reader of Jean Miles's blog, where I
always enjoy your comments

MaureenTakoma said...

Brava! Your Uncia is beautiful.