Wednesday, November 02, 2016

New Project

Blocking Uncia has been delayed by a trip to Cumbria.  But I needed a project for those long hours in the car.  What to take?

Some years ago I bought a little bag,  with an tapestry panel,
which has served me well, but is now beginning to show its age.  So, a replacement panel to start the process of constructing my own bag? 

Co Spinhoven's wonderful book of Celtic charted designs, some canvas and a batch of embroidery yarn from Renaissance Dyeing, all went into my travel bag.

Along the way I discovered that the canvas was eighteen strands to the inch - so pretty fine. The chart is on a grid, but would it be the right size for the purse front? A little judging by the eye and I set up the start row.  Very pleasing to find that the panel is less than half an inch larger than the original.

So now it grows.

The selection of yarns, which I picked up in Keswick Oxfam some years ago, contained some wonderful russets and a range of drab greens.  This being the season for glowing rusty oranges I decided to shade it through, swapping out strands from dark to pale.  The background will make use of the drab greens.  I'm very pleased with it so far.

Now, a few autumnal scenes.  We chose our walks to suit the season.  Low-level and through woodland, or up the Solway coast to enjoy the spectacle of birds in flight.

One very special walk took us up through the woods above Loweswater.  There we were enthralled to see a red squirrel about its squirrelly business on the ground - and a second one frisking about in the very canopy of the huge tree in front of us.

This was the only picture we got.  They move fast, those squirrels.

Another day, we sat down to eat our lunch on a tree stump washed up on the beach just opposite a huge mixed group of sea-birds, oyster-catchers, curlews, sanderlings.  As the tide fell, so skein after skein of oyster-catchers beat up along the shore to join the crowd already on the sand-bar.  It was a very dramatic display.

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Lovely colours and astonishingly 'now' for a charity shop find !
Can't imagine deciphering the chart while travelling in a car ... I'd probably go totally the wrong shade of green .