Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Silver How

Our last day at Ambleside dawned bright and sunny, so we were determined not to waste the day.  For some reason, going for a long walk now seems like a totally valid way to spend the day  - it even seems like the only way to make the most of good weather.  I think this must be a reaction to all those Septembers when lovely weather meant noses to the grindstone, not emerging until the best of the day was past.

We started from Grasmere, up past Allen Bank, and on to Silver How.  A youth passed us, listening to his MP3.  Strangely, he soon passed us again, on his way down, commenting that it was a bit slippery.  Of course, he was wearing shoes without cleated soles. 

From the top we were delighted to be able to see seven bodies of water, starting with Grasmere and Rydal Water. 

So, what knitting was done on this trip? This probably looks a lot like deja vu, because I am still turning out baby jackets for Pine Ridge.  One on the ten hour journey north - we had some traffic jams -

And one on the way back:

A variation done in the middle:

And a hat and mitts just for a change:

An Aran weight Sophisticate:

One last cardi, knitted by a dear friend from my knitting group for the same cause - inspired choice of buttons:


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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

How many of these lovely little jackets have you knitted now ?!