Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Walk in the Woods...

Sunday was another of those lovely October days: bright sunshine, but quite a nip in the air.  We decided on a longer walk which entailed placing a car out at the far end, so that we could walk out through the woods, across country, to get there.

Everywhere the autumn colours were at their best: sharp acid greens and yellows.  Trees were just hanging on to their foliage.

This group lined the other side of the A120.  We had plenty of time to admire it as we waited for a gap in the traffic to be able to cross.  You certainly take your life in your hands each time.  We both remember the time before the by-pass when the through road did just that - ran through our village, with its mediaeval centre.  Of course, the volume of traffic has increased since then, but even then juggernauts would shudder to a halt on the narrow sections.

We headed north, up country lanes and off the beaten track.  In fact, most of the walk was along woodland roads, deep in mud, and shaded by trees.  We had to pick our way through.

We were soon in deeply rural surroundings.  In the woods we were more aware of the movement of deer than of people.   We spotted a small Muntjac and, later, an antlered stag with a small herd on the move.  

Eventually, we emerged at Greenstead Green, where there is farm-shop and café.  We sat out in the sunshine for our tea.

 These are all balls of Shetland yarn acquired in my recent haul.  Washed and rewound, they are ready to knit.  I'm thinking of a Fair Isle pullover, with repeating narrow and wide bands.  I'll start with the front, and perhaps make a plain ribbed back. 

And this, it turned out, was not jumper weight, but lace-weight.  There is an ounce here, and it is beautiful yarn.  What will it be used for, I wonder?


Susan Smith said...

What a lovely walk and so different from the season over here at the moment. Look forward to seeing what you do with that wool. I've not done fair isle since the 80's and still have that particular jumper. I must admit to photocopying a fair isle scarf pattern from a library magazine only last week, which I may attempt sometime in the future. Enjoy the colours of autumn and take care. PS Must get your email address at some time if I can?

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

The shades of your Shetland wool and the colours of your photos compliment each other beautifully, it will look wonderful in a fair isle pattern.

MaureenTakoma said...

As another commenter already noted, the colors of your new yarn are just perfect for your recent walking adventures. Am looking forward to seeing the continuing account of The Cones' Journey!

knitski said...

Wonderful yarn! Your photos are great and speak of such a gentle place compared to my world.