Thursday, October 22, 2015


A little knitting.  These are for my November shipment to Pine Ridge.  Soon, I can see a window opening, and perhaps the motivation to cast on for something other than Gidday Baby.  Several of the people at my knitting group have knitted it now too, so it is clearly infectious.
On Tuesday, I worked all morning tutoring students.  I've got out of the habit of rising at dawn and tackling the rush hour traffic.  How I did it all those years is beyond me.
Emerging into the lovely autumn day, I persuaded my husband of the need for exercise and fresh air.  Just north of us is the arboretum at Mark's Hall, a really useful amenity.  A little October colour was just what was needed.

The arboretum has lakes, created by damming a stream in the valley.

 Birches shimmering in the sunlight, their tiny leaves catching the light.

 Many of the trees have been chosen specifically because of their foliage at this time of year.  They certainly gladden my heart.


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Susan Smith said...

Lovley little baby jackets and your autumn photos are great. I enjoy autumn just as much as spring with all the lovely leaf colours. Take care.