Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sir Benfro 4

Our last day in Pembrokeshire, and we were determined to make it memorable.

Note the old boat used as a flower bed - and the mill-stone.
We drove to Abercastle, and picked up the bus for Trefasser.  The bus driver was a trainee, with a supervisor in attendance.  Suddenly we found ourselves detouring via Mathry as the driver had missed the turn.  Managing a full-sized single decker through these very narrow lanes must take some skill. 

We walked across fields to the coastal path, with seven miles ahead of us.  More diverse terrain here, with more heathland flora.  Then down to a beach where we ate lunch.

Here, a really unusual rock arch, showing sedimentary layers.

Suddenly, a youngish woman appeared on the path.  Amazingly, she was walking this path, full of sharp, slatey rocks, in bare feet.  Further along we climbed a hill on a path full of sticky mud.  That too must have been fun in bare feet. Someone later suggested that perhaps it was a penance or pilgrimage of some sort.  Who knows?

Eventually, we arrived back at Abercastle where parties of young people in wetsuits were being led into the sheltered waters of the long harbour for coasteering.  A mini-bus was off-lading kayaks and the whole place was buzzing.

The knitting done on the holiday, including the two long and tedious journeys.

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knitski said...

Every once in awhile when in the lower 48 we will meet up with someone a bit unusual hiking. I never sure what to think but we do carry on and wonder why? Looks like such a nice dramatic hike---thanks for sharing!