Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Sir Benfro 2

With the weather continuing uncertain, we decided to risk a boat-trip around Ramsey Island, choosing the most staid of the many options available.  You embark from the lifeboat station. and are soon speeding along.

This is not the time of year for the breeding guillemots and shearwaters, but fulmar chicks were still in evidence on the cliffs.  The guide told us a great deal about how fulmars are oceanic birds which cannot walk easily on land.  The chicks are reared to adulthood on the cliffs, then fly straight out to sea, not returning for several years.

A group o seals on the bachelor beach, awaiting the return of the female seals and the breeding season.

All round the island are rock arches and caves where the breeding females can shelter.

The next day it was walkable weather again, so we drove to Porthgain and caught the little Strumble Shuttle bus to Aber Castle.

Then we walked back to the car along the cliff path. Sections like this certainly give you pause.

From time to time, the path dips down to cross a beach or  stream.  Here, the ruin of an old corn-mill.

Once, these were found wherever there was water power, as all corn was milled locally.  It's a fascinating coastline.


Susan Smith said...

Lovely and the stonework is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing & take care.

knitski said...

Love the blue sky and ocean blue . . . colors to knit with!