Friday, August 26, 2016

Great Gable

I know that it might look as though we moved straight from one holiday to another, but in fact weeks of normal life happened between the two.  We travelled north, hoping for some walkable weather. 

On our last visit we had seen Great Gable but set it aside for another day.  This was to be that day

We drove up to Honister Slate Quarry and parked.  This has the advantage of several hundred feet of ascent for no effort at all, provided that the driver has nerves of steel.

You walk out up this paved path and across a couple of  miles of moorland.  On our right, Innominate Tarn and Haystacks, both favourites of Alfred Wainwright.

We passed this wonderful heather-filled basin. 

Soon, we looked down into the top of Ennerdale and the Black Sail Pass.

Ahead, Great Gable began to loom.  It is one of the highest Lakeland tops, up there with Skiddaw and Helvellyn.

You walk out along a path to the ridge on the right.

Then you climb up a scramble of boulders to reach the summit, which is a rock-strewn plateau.

At the top, a very moving memorial to the early climbers who died in the First World War.
You can look down into Wasdale from the top.

Then down a very steep path on the other side and up to reach Green Gable and the ridge path back to the car park.


Susan Smith said...

What an amazing walk. Not sure how we'd go these days with more of what is underfoot than the length, as Hubby has a spur on his heel, which is painful to walk on at the moment. I'm missing his company on my short walks of late. Thanks for sharing and take care.

knitski said...

I have to get to your part of the world for some walking just stunning country!