Friday, April 29, 2016


 The tulips are in full bloom at Paycocke's, the National Trust House where we volunteer.  Looking at them back-lit by sunlight is just lovely.  Behind is the part of the building dating from 1420.

This is a really extensive garden with some shady areas.

Two different seats.  Visitors often take trays of teas and coffees out to enjoy in the garden.  It has been bitingly cold this last week, with hail showers, but also sunny intervals.

Some of the quainter detailing around the house.

And another jumper for Knit for Peace.  I found the yarn in a box in the attic, along with a part-knitted back.  This smaller jumper uses up some of the rest of the yarn, which must have been there a good twenty years.  


Susan Smith said...

What a lovely place to volunteer. Isn't it good being able to put old wool to good use. Have a lovely weekend and take care.

knitski said...

What wonderful flowers and such a great place to spend some time. I love all the colors! We have been getting some rain and now we have green plant life popping up. What a great sweater and hat for peace--excellent work!