Friday, May 06, 2016

Bluebell woods

 With the warming of the weather, the local woods are awash with bluebells and birdsong.

Denser where there is a patch of sunlight, but colouring the ground everywhere with drifts of blue.

At Marks Hall, last Monday, we saw many clutches of goslings being fiercely guarded by Mum and Dad.  Note how the little ones are between the two parents.

Greylag geese...

Canada geese...

And greylags on the water.

The start of this year's drive for the General Beadle Elementary in Rapids City, a primary with a high percentage of Lakota students. 

These sets build up quickly if at least one element is sewn or bought rather than knitted.

I can picture five and six year olds wearing these in the snow, even as the sun warms up here.


Susan Smith said...

The bluebell woods are divine. Thanks for the photos. The little sets for the children are lovely. Well done. Have a good weekend and take care.

knitski said...

We finally have green showing up on the tundra and pink flowers! Yahoooo Spring! Love the Bluebells.

Mary Lou said...

Some day I will see a bluebell wood! Those sets are sweet. You are inspiring me to add some charity knitting to my rota.