Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tower Bridge

 To London, to meet my younger sister for lunch.  The weather had turned again - back to bitterly cold with brisk showers.

This is a part of London we do not know well, but it is familiar to my sister through her work.  We met at Shad Thames, a street of former warehouses, south of the river, now packed with eateries.  We were soon ensconced in The Chop House, with a fine view of the river.

Such an assemblage of buildings from different periods across the river.  It's always interesting to spot the remaining spire among newer shapes.

The Shard, the top of which was shrouded in mist when we arrived.

And back over Tower Bridge to explore the area around St Katharine's Dock. 
Those of you tracing the progress of spring might be interested to see that our pear trees are in blossom just now, while the apples have still some way to go.  Since we are still having frosts in the mornings, the apples may be taking the wiser course.
Showers of blossom on the viburnum at the bottom of our garden.
And all the yellow tulips out this week.


Susan Smith said...

I do love Tower Bridge, but I can't see my favourite new building. The Gherkin.
Your garden seems to be looking quite springlike. Take care.

knitski said...

We are having a very dry spring so there is barely any green plant life popping up on the tundra. A visit to London . . . such fun it must be!