Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I have completed the mat I was making.  I made up the design and feel that it raises as many questions as it answers.  The texture is convincingly carpet-like -it's a broken rib, ie one row k1p1, next row plain purl.  However, joining in the stripes leaves a weaker edging, not totally resolved by crocheting along as a binding.  The fringe makes it look more like a mat than a jumper that has ended up on the floor.  I think the idea has possibilities, if I can resolve how to join in new colours.

This last weekend to the Cotswolds to visit family.  Looks like a glorious day, doesn't it?

Yet already, here, the clouds are gathering.  So hard to know what to wear.  Sandals were the wrong thing, it turned out, as I crossed a street rapidly turning into a stream.

Some things in the garden are thriving: my favourite flowers.  I just love the range of colours on their faces, and the rich textures on the larger ones.

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Anonymous said...

The mat has turned out well. Perhaps you could use an i-cord edging on the sides, which would let you darn in the ends of the different colours.