Thursday, July 05, 2012

Family Values

It's been a strange couple of weeks.  First, the annual get-together of my husband's mother's family, and then an unexpected gathering of my own family for the funeral of my brother's estranged wife, suddenly no longer with us, and no older than I am myself.

My husband's mother was a patient needlewoman.  With two sons and no daughters, she spent time on household repairs of a kind summed up by the phrase "Make do and mend," before that became a trendy lifestyle choice. 

In her later years, she had pieced this quilt top which was passed to her niece on her demise.  Her niece is an avid hand-quilter who undertook to quilt the whole thing and add a border, also finely quilted.  I have admired the staggering workmanship of her other quilts.  Now this one has found its way back to us.  Visually, it is very dramatic.  I don't think I'd have had the persistence to complete either the piecing or the quilting.

The other day I bought this watercolour from the local boot-fair.  Something about the colours and the waves crashing up on to a headland reminds me of the farm house at Mawbray, just north of Allonby on the Cumbrian coast.  Apparently, they know it is a bad storm when the sea-water puts out the open fire on the hearth - coming down the chimney.


Ruth in Ottawa said...

The quilt is indeed a beauty - how lovely that it has come to you!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That's the best Tumbling Block quilt I've ever seen . The choice of material makes it wonderfully effective !
Make do and mend .... I remember sheets being sides-to-middled , and my mother turning the collar on a shirt of my father's for his first interview after university ( he got the job ... and she swore she'd never turn another one ever again ! )

colleen said...

It's lovely - and good that it has gone to someone who appreciates the craft. The quality of the quilting looks superb.