Friday, June 08, 2012


Yesterday, to the little town of Lavenhan, just north of Sudbury, to visit the Knitcafe which has opened there.  This is the Guildhall in the town square.

Lavenham seems to specialise in crooked houses, where the timber frame has shifted over the centuries, to a sometimes alarming extent.

Imagine living in this house where the angle of the wall is far from 90 degrees.  What kind of furniture would you need?

Pargetting, or decorative plasterwork is also much in evidence.  the whole place is quaint beyond words.

And everywhere the historic presence of wool - this is the Wool House.

My current knitting, likely to be the death of me.  This is a small rug, using Aran yarn knit doubled and a broken rib pattern.  It is certainly rug-like in texture, but quite heavy going to knit.  I'm over half-way now, so it's also been quite quick.


kristieinbc said...

What interesting pictures! I am surprised the crooked buildings haven't been condemned. I remember seeing a few crooked places like that when I was in England last fall and wondering the same thing!

frayedattheedge said...

Oh dear - my comment just vanished - the second one to vanish on Blogger this morning!
Wonderfully quaint houses! I don't think I could cope with knitting with doubled aran - it must be very tiring on your wrists

colleen said...

Lovely Lavenham. I even like the name of the village. If only it would stop raining I might have to take myself there again too.