Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn Leaves

My box of Jamieson and Smith jumper weight yarns - how differently these appear in sunlight, or at least the heathered  and tweeded colours do.

A pair of Newfoundland mittens, knitted to replace a pair for an old friend.  What a joy to select the lovely colours, reminiscent of falling leaves, just as the weather turns to frosty mornings.  I have found this pattern to be addictive before.  This time, I could not resist making a second pair for myself after the first were in the post.  Such a simple pattern, slipping two stitches for four rows to create this honeycomb effect.  The bunching up of the rows makes this a very warm design.

Last week, our walk took us from Colne Engaine to Pebmarsh, where we were pleased to see a really lovely church.  Behind the altar were three woven panels in deep blues and old gold.  These had been woven by a local handweaver, and the tale of their constuction, from the sourcing of the fleecces to their weaving, was a fascinating one.

In the bright sunshine, red berries always lift my spirits.  Here, garlands of red were threaded through the hedge.


kristieinbc said...

I have been thinking about making Newfoundland mittens for years. Seeing yours makes me think I need to get a pair knit for myself for the upcoming winter! They look so cosy and warm.

Anonymous said...

I love your Newfoundland mittens - they might just have to go on the to-do list!!