Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Time Passing...

Recently, I've had a significant birthday..

And, among my presents was this astonishing repousse pewter letter made especially for me by a clever lady called Sharon Dickinson.  That's A is for Acorn, as a reference to the super-abundance of acorns this season.

My colleagues gave me this splendid bouquet of autumnal flowers, which is glowing in my living-room window.

It has been a wonderful season for colour.  This vibrant shrub is in the arboretum at Mark's Hall, just north of our village.

Stunning red creeper on an old wall in St Albans.  What can those mysterious steps signify?

Finally, my current knitting.  Somehow, the season suggests mittens, and this is my third pair, utilising a richer palette of gingery colours.  This pattern allows even small oddments to be turned to good account.  These seem to glow, although I have avoided the wilder reaches of acid yellows seen everywhere in nature.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! The latter is lovely .... and not just because it is my initial! I love autumn colours - definitely my favourites for fabrics!

kristieinbc said...

Happy birthday (a few days late!). It sounds like you had a very nice day.

Raveller said...

I adore that mitten pattern. It is endlessly entertaining when you switch yarns.