Sunday, October 16, 2011


Another version of the Mary-Janes, this tine in a merino, silk and cashmere blend for a christening.  Hunting out this one skein of Sublime yarn added focus to my trip to Alexandra Palace, where the abundance of Sale yarns has sometimes led to the sort of purchase one regrets sooner rather than later.  This one pristine ball of yarn was a pure joy.  The little mother of pearl button takes me back to the early 70's and a trip to the flea market at Place de Clignancourt.  I bought five cards of these buttons  - row after row of lovely buttons on silver foil cards.  I have chosen them regularly to complete projects, but there are whole cards still to be used.

This Sunday to Maldon, where my husband had spotted the opportunity to walk across the causeway to Northey Island, the first landing place for theVikings, prior to the Battle of Maldon.  All I can say is that they can't have minded mud, those Vikings.  Holding a battle just here must have been a slow and messy business.

Lots of atmospheric shipping, including  Thames barges.

Along with hundreds of others, we walked over to the island and around the circuit.  In World War 2 the owner of the island was on a list of German targets, presumably because of the strange structure of the house, like a military lookout post.  It must be very bleak here when the mist rolls in.

We crossed back to the mainland well before dark, but this picture was taken facing the sun, which explains the strange effect.

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