Friday, August 19, 2011

Sea Air

A week in Pembrokeshire, and we are blessed with fine weather.  It is our first visit, so everything - the single-track lanes, the yachties, the oil refineries - is all new to us.  Rosemoor is a small country estate where the stable block has been converted into self-catering cottages.  Very nicely converted with every convenience to hand.  There is even a private nature reserve on site, with its own lake.

We had four glorious days walking the coastal path, which runs for 186 miles.  First we walked from Broad Haven to Druidston and back across the fields.  Then we caught the bus from Little Haven to St Brides and walked back along the path. Then we walked all the way round St Ann's Head, and finally along the headland to Martin's Haven.

The path runs along the cliff edge, often dizzyingly close to dramatic drops.  Sometimes only a determined focus on the landward side of the path will do.

For long stretches, though, the path is edged on both sides by blackthorn and gorse, thus creating a sheltered haven for a wonderful variety of wild flowers and more butterflies than we have ever seen:

Burnet moths

Common blue

Small copper

wall butterfly, meadow brown, hedge brown, common blue, small copper, peacock, comma, red admiral and grayling - this last distinguished by the mottling of its underwing.  My husband even saw burnet moths, iridescent green with scarlet spots.

The real joy of this path is its linear nature: no need to consult the map or choose between confusing options: the path just keeps unrolling before you.   On a balmy summer day, with a light sea breeze, it is just heavenly.

Knitting wise, I am pressing on with the dark Shetland jumper for my husband.  I can knit it in my sleep, or certainly with my eyes closed, the only downside being odd stray stitches which are not discernible until it is too late.


Anonymous said...

The scenery is stunning, although I would struggle with the sections too near the edge. We have hardly had a butterfly in the garden this summer - which is obviously a cause for concern!!

kristieinbc said...

What amazing scenery! I am planning to do a walk in Scotland next month and seeing these pictures makes me want to add this to my schedule. Except for the part about the steep cliff sides. I am not too great with that kind of thing. The moths are so pretty - you must have a good camera to have taken such clear pictures of them.