Friday, August 26, 2011

Under Milk Wood

On our way down to the cottage in Pembrokeshire, we chanced to stop off at Laugharne, a serendipidous visit.  First, a spectacular ruined castle stands over the estuary.  We were amazed to see a heron in residence mid-stream.

A short walk along a promenade brings you to the boathouse, once home to Dylan Thomas, and his wife Caitlin.  Here, the shed used as a study.  The view acoss the estuary must have been endlessly beguiling.

Round at the cottage itself, we enjoyed both Welsh cakes and bara brith, and proper tea in proper cups.  This set the standard for other teas on this holiday, many of which fell sadly short.

I find myself tempted by the idea of another cabled throw, knitted in strips.  The one made for Kate Davies on  Needled is the inspiration.  I have started with the central motif cable from Alice Starmore's St Brigid, which is nowhere near as complex as it looks.  The yarn is a heavy Aran, and I just wonder whether itis producing too rigid a fabric. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

That does indeed look like a proper afternoon tea! I like the cable - but if you decide it is going to be to firm for the throw, you could always use if for a cushion!

Bev Mattocks Osborne said...

I'm currently tackling St Brigid, customised slightly for a summer top with the central panel plus plaits cables either side. Yes it is simpler than you'd think! Love your take on it, inspired to make a scarf like that. 😀