Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Tricks

It's our wedding anniversary this week.  Given a strong hint, my husband did his research on You-tube and then turned up this niddy-noddy for me.  It should yield a two metre skein of the new spun yarn, a skill which I am practising in order to improve.  He used some leftovers of beech from when he made his own work-bench some years ago.  Fotunately he has a shed for all his craft activities.

Meanwhile, I have been adding an applied i-cord edging to this throw.  It is knitted from scraps of sock yarns from the idea on Mason-Dixon Knitting.  I had never tried the i-cord edging before but it made a neat finish.  One of those mindless repetitive tasks in which knitting induces a meditative trance.

My back problem seems to have resolved itself into a pulled muscle, rather than anything more serious.  It is certainly inconvenient as well as uncomfortable.

Finally - it's that time of year again: a bumper crop of pears, from the warm dry spring we were lucky enough to enjoy.  Very different from the fixed grey cloud hanging over us at present.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing crop of pears. Hope your back gets better soon!

kristieinbc said...

Happy anniversary! It sounds like your husband came through in the gift department! Have you ever tried making pear sauce? It is a great way to use up excess pears.