Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Rydal Mount

After our soaking, we opted for a quieter day, visiting Rydal Mount, the gentleman's residence rented by Wordsworth for many years, after they outgrew Dove Cottage.

It is a lovely house, with a splendid garden.

Wordsworth had a study in the attic, with extensive views.

The property has a very compact parking area. Just as we were leaving, an enormous coach arrived.  We were impressed by the driver's skill at reversing in such a confined space.  But then my husband had to manoeuvre our car out between two others, watched by a crowd of pensioners who had just debussed.  I'd have panicked, but he is made of stronger stuff.

So then we moved on to our own cottage, already "walked in".  It's never a good idea to move from Essex walking - flat - to Cumbrian walking - mountainous - in one go.  But on Sunday we were ready and headed for Buttermere.

The couple parking next to us were setting out to walk around the lake.  Ten years ago, that would have been us.  But not now.  We were headed up the Scarth Gap path, then turning right on to High Crag, High Stile and Red Pike - the row of tops along the South side of Buttermere.

As you ascend, so you join a different range of people.  From a neighbouring top, hang-gliders were taking off.

Several times, fell-runners passed us coming down.

And what about these three?   Note the mountain bikes slung across their shoulders.  This is a very rough, boulder-strewn path.  They were going to "drop down into Wasdale, then go over into Borrowdale," as the young man breezily told me.  That's a lot of carrying over mountain passes.  The one in the lead was a girl.

We climbed steadily on, then followed the ridge route.  The views from here are outstanding.

Finally, we plodded up Red Pike.

The path down is clearly visible in this picture.  It is one of "those" paths, very steep, heavily eroded and consisting of loose, red grit.  We clung on to the rocks at the side, hoping not to slide too far with each step.  When we reached more solid ground, our hands looked as though we had been doing the front step with  Red Cardinal polish.

We recovered with a drink in the Fish Inn.


LizM said...

My idea of a quiet day is much less active than yours, but it does look worth the effort. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Susan Smith said...

I'm loving your holiday snaps so much. You must be way fitter than Hubby and I, but the Lakes is so breathtaking it's worth it. I know Essex as well, as we have friends there and visit them each time we come across. Take care.

knitski said...

Great photos of your hikes. I love mountain biking and hiking but not hiking with my bike---those folks will have a blast for sure but still carrying the bikes up that ugh! Wonderful views though I am sure.