Sunday, June 05, 2016

Green Gable

While we were in Cumbria for these two weeks we saw no less than sixty-five species of birds, many more than in May of previous years.  Rarities for us were the ring ousel, heard, but not actually spotted, high on Green Gable, sandpipers on the lake shore and eider ducks out at sea in the Solway.

I am not really  a bird-watcher but poddling about up the coast, or in the little nature reserve, makes a very pleasant change of pace after some fell-bashing.

Next on our list was a walk starting from Honister Slate Quarry, high above Buttermere.  We took the steep path up to Grey Knotts, over the moor to Brandreth, then on to Green Gable.

  Ahead loomed the bulk of Great Gable, with Kirk Fell off to the right.  It looked eminently accessible, but my husband decided to save it for another trip. 

We descended to Windy Gap by a badly eroded path: larger pieces of loose material this time, but just as treacherous.

Later, I read the report of the Mountain Rescue Service for the area.  106 callouts in the year, mostly for leg and ankle injuries.  It certainly gives you pause on paths like these.

Our last walk was to an inconspicuous top called Hen Comb, presumably because it looks like one from some angle.  This is one for those who do not like crowds, or even a proper path.  A rare photo of me, because my husband was now using his camera. 

We finished the walk sitting by this stream, watching a grey wagtail - it's yellow - go about its business.


Susan Smith said...

Looks great, but I must say, not sure I'd be tackling any of those these days, unless there was a proper path. Thanks for the photo of you, as now you are in my mind as a blogpal that has a face. Seems like a lovely time away and in one of my favourite areas. We've driven past Honister Slate quarry and I thought it amazing scenery in the area. Take care.

knitski said...

Such a wonderful holiday!