Monday, March 14, 2016

Colour Therapy

So - a smallish jumper for Knit for Peace, in a yarn so thick that each row adds about a quarter of an inch.  Should be a fun knit, you' d think?  Sadly, it proved very wearing on the fingertips.

This is a yarn recovered from a giant jumper I knitted for myself some ten years ago and never wore.  Nowadays it's layers of fleece for me on winter walks.  But this jumper looks thick enough to keep out the chills.

A pair of Newfoundland mittens in a colour scheme which hurts my eyes.  Strangely, someone from South Korea commented on how pretty these look, so maybe they will find a taker.

And, a third pair, using up thirteen different colours of acrylic yarn.  These really glow in the sunlight and were both quick and fun to knit.  Colours like these really lift the spirits.


MaureenTakoma said...

Brava you, to knit down your stash! And, not just on small mittens and hats. Re: that particular colorway of mittens: beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for modelling good behavior; now I need to head down to my stash room and figure out what is calling me to knit.

Susan Smith said...

Love the pattern for the little jumper with it's patterned yoke. Pity it was hard going. The mitts are definitely bright. Take care.