Sunday, March 20, 2016

Camibockers, anyone?

Alternate days of lovely, sunny, spring-like weather and bitter chill.  Last Sunday,  we ate lunch out on the patio.  Yesterday, it was a huddling sort of day.

Browsing the bookshelf at our cottage recently, I came across this little booklet, published, I think, in 1933.

I do remember the Scotch Wool Shop in our local town, Whitehaven.  It was right next to the department store, The Beehive, where we often shopped.  It did look like this on the outside, as - I guess - did the other 350 branches -  "a mile of shops."

In the booklet a wide selection of patterns, some impossibly archaic.

And the illustrations even more so.

However, one could possibly knit a cricket sweater for a twelve year old from this pattern.
Unfortunately, no illustration accompanies these instructions.  It does say "Begin at the knee..."so you would have some clue, but it is a while before it reveals that you are knitting one half of the garment.  I'm almost tempted to try knitting it, or should I say, them...


knitski said...

The flowers are just wonderful as I am still in winter here and wishing for more winter. Those colors are just wonderful! Now how about the wonderful find of yours . . . what a great knitting booklet. I love finding older books as they are always such a treasure.

Susan Smith said...

Looks like spring has sprung. Some time ago I posted a photo from an old knitting book of my mother's for a bra! There were also knickers and vests. Have a good week & take care.

Mary Lou said...

Cami blockers???