Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Signs of spring?

After a mild, wet winter some bitterly cold, bright days.  Up at the Marks Hall arboretum, things are stirring, perhaps prematurely.


Great drifts of snowdrops.

Early primroses.


Blossom in the walled garden.

Meanwhile, this spectacular variety of willow makes a good show.

On the knitting front, a batch of hats in the Sanquhar knitting tradition.  These may look similar, but each  has its own name and history: The Duke, Glendyne, Cornet and Drum, and Rose, named after Princess Margaret Rose in the Thirties.  Very satisfying to knit.


knitski said...

SPring! I just ca not imagine that season yet! I am still hoping winter arrives!

Susan Smith said...

What lovely photos of the garden and those beanies are very cute. I love the names they have. Take care.

Mary Lou said...

We are such a long way away from flowers. I do think that a stitch pattern seems like the knitter goes faster. Maybe it is easier to tell when you are making progress.