Friday, February 05, 2016

In Wonderland

To London, to meet my younger sister for lunch.  We had both noticed the exhibition of children's books at the Foundling Museum and so this is where we went.

The statue of Thomas Coram, founder of the museum.  The theme of the exhibition was "Orphans", of course, and focused on the illustrations.  An eclectic mix of pieces nonetheless.

We were very moved by some of the modern art work produced by artists and students, on the same theme.  A row of little white shirts on cloakroom pegs, the name labels replaced by things people said to the children.  A sheet of densely packed pins, with the bottom row somehow outlining letters.

From there, following Jean's example, we moved to The British Library, for the Alice exhibition, and tea.
Some more little jackets and hats.  I seem to have speeded up my rate of production.  I think that this is down to the stranded patterns which just seem to go faster, or motivate me to continue, or something.

Jolly hat and cardigan

Rosy hat and cardigan

Princess hat and cardigan

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Susan Smith said...

Sounds like a lovely trip to London and a very interesting exhibition. The knitted baby items are beautiful and you are so productive. Have a good weekend and take care.