Wednesday, September 02, 2015


From the terrace of the Kirkstile Inn, near Loweswater, we have often looked up to Melbreak, a mountain which stands alone.  In fact, we were there on Monday, watching distant figures make their way up the steep ascent.

So, on Tuesday, this became our objective.  You park near the inn and walk along a little country lane lined with dry-stone walls.  Emerging from a fringe of forest, you see ahead the nature of the path which rises steeply.  It is loose scree - a mixture of small and medium sized stones spilling down the surface, with no solid foothold anywhere.  We resort to scrambling, using the tufts of heather to give some purchase.  Part way up, we are overtaken by a young runner who makes short work of the slope, both up and down.

Eventually we reach the first promontory, from which the views are spectacular.  Perhaps the difficulty of the ascent adds to the exhilaration we feel.  We press on to the summit. 

Near the top we meet a couple coming down where the man is helping his partner over every rocky step - helping her place her feet.  She walks along the regular path with her arms held out for balance.  We warn them of what is to come, but cannot imagine how she will deal with the scree.  We will never know. 

The descent, for us, takes us down the flank of Melbreak towards Mosedale.  Ahead, we can see Hen Comb, another top for another day.

Some more little hats, this time paired with stretchy gloves bought locally.

And, finally, a Gidday Baby cardigan with a little rainbow on the yoke.  This certainly brightens up the dull blue of the main yarn.



Anonymous said...

You are a knitting machine. Those are adorable! Such grwat views from the mountain.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That little jacket is lovely . Any baby will feel immensely cheery in it !!

knitski said...

That looks like a wonderful walk and the view WOW!