Friday, September 11, 2015

Gidday Baby

Gidday Baby is a very versatile pattern, designed by Georgie Hallam and available for free on Ravelry.  I've knitted it twenty-five times.  This is an early version, using an alternate stripe in the yoke. You start at the neckline and knit the yoke, then leave stitches for the sleeves and knit the body.  Once you have done the sleeves on dpns, all you have to do is stitch on the two buttons: there is no seaming.
This second version shows what can be done with a few scraps of a  novelty yarn with little flags of colour.  The mauve was from a cone left in the scrap bin at my knitting group and I used it double to give it some body.

If, however, you knit the yoke all in one colour, pattern can be used as borders.  One of these is knitted top-down, as usual, and the other from the bottom up.  You know that you have mastered a pattern when you can knit it upside down.

Here, the border comes below the yoke.  I thought that this was very successful, but in fact I was just using up the remainders of the two other little cardis.

A very different effect - but the same pattern.  The only problem here is the running in of all the ends.

Two contrasting versions - this is the back.

And a pretty one, again using scraps of variegated yarn.
It's a great pattern.


LizM said...

It is.....but even better is your imagination in modifying it!

knitski said...

These sweaters are so cute! I love how you have been working with the design to come up with all the variations.

MaureenTakoma said...

Fabulous! You are just going to town on these with your color play. A couple of year's ago I jammed on variations of EZ's BSJ so I can imagine how much fun you've had. The kids out there in the Dakotas (and their folks) will be so pleased.

Mary Lou said...

A master class in variations on theme!