Friday, July 17, 2015

Tate Modern

One or two queries from comments: There is a quilt Museum in York just now, but it is due to close this autumn - lack of footfall.  One issue is that quilts take up a lot of room.  The recent Kaffe Fassett exhibition showed twelve items from the historic collection and twelve designed by Kaffe. This took up all the display space.   Now, at a regular quilt fair the numbers would be hugely more than that, with more range and variety.  So hurry along there if you wish to see it.

The Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam does not have a core collection - it is an off-shoot of the one in St Petersburg.  The exhibitions are scheduled to change every six months.  It too, had very low foot-fall when we were there, which made a pleasant change for us.

Today to a part of London which was new to me: Bankside.  I have no idea why I have never visited Tate Modern, but there it is. 

St Pauls with the Millennium Bridge  -note poster for exhibition.

I met my younger sister and we took in the Sonia Delaunay exhibition.  How very refreshing to see a female artist given serious consideration, and to see textiles - a patchwork crib cover, curtains, rugs, swimsuits, fabric designs -  integrated into the display as part of the oeuvre. And Kate Davies on the audio-guide  - I'd never heard her accent before.

London busily rebuilding

We were mightily impressed by the views from the restaurant and, even more, the balcony outside the coffee-shop.


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Janet McKee said...

So nice to read about London landmarks. Our London based son was visiting recently - I long to visit London again - briefly.