Monday, July 27, 2015

Repeat visits

Lunch at the Court Restaurant at the British Museum, meeting up with old college friends.

Entering the Museum in these challenging times now entails queuing to have your bag searched in the courtyard outside.  The priority for many tourists seemed to be to deploy the selfie stick as often as possible.  For us, it is a civilised venue for lunch, although we passed on the Australian themed set menu.  An earlier exhibition had been Ice Age Art, and there was an accompanying menu for that, too.


Several more examples of the Gidday Baby cardigan - I've now knitted more than twenty.  The pattern is easy to memorise, very portable, and entails no sewing up at the end.  Each one probably takes about five hours knitting time all told, although scraps of time, in traffic-jams and on trains can be put to good use.

Here, the transition between one colour and the other made less stark by a two row stripe , then a four row.  Surprising how obvious that seems once it is done.

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Janet McKee said...

The Giddy Baby cardigans are lovely.