Monday, October 06, 2014

Windfalls 2

The Windfalls waistcoat complete - behind is a cross shaft from Lowther in Cumbria, now in the British Museum.  I am very pleased with how this turned out.

You may remember from the earlier entry that this is a magpie collection of free patterns gathered from Ravelry.  In the source material these patterns were used for a cowl and two hats, but I think they combine very well.

The grey yarn is an acrylic which I bought for a child's jumper - the one with the blue tractor - but it was too dark and I switched to a pale grey.  As it is used here, it is not only a very subtle colour but also feels quite substantial.  The back is in single rib. 

Someone in my knitting group asked if I had used "one of those self-patterning yarns".  I did not know what to say.  Of course I have knitted many socks in self-striping sock yarn, but I'd be amazed to see a yarn pre-dyed to create this Celtic knotwork.  In fact, the orange is a hand-dyed yarn from a company called Yarnsmith, one of those single skeins one often cannot find a use for.  I had 100 gms and this used no more than half of it.

In the gallery containing the Sutton Hoo hoard.  I wore a string of amber beads which set it off very well.

This is one of those projects where you want to continue knitting it after you have finished it - if that makes sense?  It certainly reminded me of what it felt like to make and wear a new piece of clothing when I was a teenager.


Anonymous said...

Very lovely vest.
I think your knitting friend was asking if only the orange yarn was a variegated yarn.

kristieinbc said...

Your vest is beautiful! The colours suit you really well, and I like how the various patterns you found on Ravelry came together.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful piece of work...and the amber beads look stunning...Very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous vest and the colors suit the various patterns perfectly.