Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jewels 2

Completed my waistcoat in 2ply jumper weight.  Even while this was still on the needles it felt like an old favourite jumper.  It is the third waistcoat in a row for me, but the others felt quite different, probably because of the yarn. 

You can see how the rust yarn looks.  As always with this kind of yarn, once it is knitted and blocked it looks as if it was always like that because the tweediness of the blend makes the yarns work together.

Something about this design reminds me of old Afghan rugs  -  maybe it's the colours or the similar but not identical patterns. This is the reverse:

I sifted through my button tin and found some which were brown with a marbling of blue, which seemed appropriate.

I am not a perfectionist and can usually live quite happily with little flaws in my knitting.  However, I'd forgotten how crucial it is to pick up the right number of stitches on the front bands.  What that number is may not be clear until the piece is complete, especially if you are making up the pattern as you go along.  So I found myself ravelling the bands back and doing them again.  They sit much more easily this time.



Anonymous said...

Turned out beautifully! I was wondering whether the orange would be too different but it fits in quite well.

kristieinbc said...

It is absolutely gorgeous! You did a great job of combining the colours. I can see why you have already declared it to be an "old favourite." :-)

Mary Lou said...

Gorgeous. One thing I have learned is that my R and L sides vary in tension because one is the beginning of the row and one is the end. I have a number of floppy bands on one side as evidence!

MaureenTakoma said...

I was looking at the earlier postings about your waistcoat. Do I understand correctly that each strip of patterning is somehow different?

This is so beautiful and sounds, relatively, simple to do. Fair Isle seems to be in my future now.

Anonymous said...

Really lovely. The bright blue is an interesting addition - looks beautiful.