Thursday, May 05, 2011

Lanthwaite woods.

Our second walk this Easter began in Lanthwaite woods, a lovely, shady patch of mixed woodlands.  From there we walked through lanes and across fields to the foot of Crummock water where there is a pebble beach. 

We happily ate an early lunch here, basking in the sunshine and remembering other visits when it was windy and cold.  It was hazy in the distance, but the views were spectacular.

Round the end of the lake, past some sluices where we saw these elegant dogs chilling out.  Back up through woodland and out on to the road to the car.  We followed this by a trip to the tearooms in Lorton where my husband indulged in ginger cake and cream.

More progress on the Mitred Crosses squares.  I love the way that the cream shetland makes these saturated colours sing.

I am trying not to think how many squares will be needed for a throw which will be a useful size - twenty, perhaps?  All these so far are blues and turquoises but I plan to mix in some other colours to give that scrappy quilt look. 

Tomorrow to the V & A for the Aesthetic Movement exhibition.  Next week, Antiques Roadshow is filming near to us on a Thursday: my day off.  Do I go, and if so, what do I take?

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