Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walk in the park

My new knitting project: a throw based on Mitred Crosses for Japan by Mason-Dixon Knitting.  This is in sock yarn on a cream Wendy Shetland base.  I do not have the pattern so have made up what I think must be the numbers needed.

It is ideal travel knitting - interesting enough but not too fussy.

We were blessed with glorious weather on our trip to Cumbria.  Our favourite valley walk is a circuit around Low Lorton and Boonbeck.  We prefer to be away from the crowds.  This walk offers  little streams and shady bridges

It passes interesting houses - here, one is for sale.  What can be the purpose of the steps?

We saw mamy sheep with lambs at foot, and drystone walls.

Spring flowers - primroses and wood violets - were just everwhere.

And all along the way, the accompaniment of birdsong.  My husband saw a redpoll, a pied flycatcher, a reed bunting...and many others.

Finally, my commemorative sampler for the birth of the Princess Royal.  The atttribution of the verse to Patience Strong suggests the source of the design.


kristieinbc said...

I am very tempted to give the Mitred Crosses blanket a go, but then remind myself that I am still trying to finish the one and only other blanket I have ever attempted to knit. It was started 5 years ago, so I think I best give the blanket a pass. I will anxiously be watching your progress on it though!

Mary Lou said...

I bought the pattern, but who knows if I'll ever get around to it. I love the pictures from your walk. A few years ago I visited my niece who was in school in Newcastle and a local sent us on the loveliest walk to see wood anemones. Hours in the woods and we never a soul.