Monday, June 11, 2007

Charity Knitting

Knitting for charity.

Busy weekend made purposeful by the notion of joining in worthwhile schemes.

First, four squares for the Rebuilding Greensburg Block by Block project. Can it really be that those devastated by tornado damage are most in need of an afghan or knitted blanket? But the idea is compelling – if only we could resolve the world's big problems by knitting squares.

As my husband pointed out: anything which reduces the scrap yarn stash in our house has to be good news. And these were knitted from just some of the pale neutrals I used to knit the Pompei jacket all those years ago. So we have a way to go.


Next, some little hats for the hospital in Uganda supported by Brigid. I wasn't clear on the bonnets issue when I started these. Again these are just leftovers from previous projects. I never seem to have just little ends left.

Now, I learn from reading Rabbitch that mittens are needed on the Cheyenne reservation. There's a thought to fire the imagination: mittens, possibly inspired by the Latvians, on their way to support Native Americans. Did the Sioux Indians knit? And if so, with what? Buffalo fibre?

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