Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Picture Knits

Some of my most enjoyable projects have been intarsia picture knits, I don't quite know why... Could be the incentive to keep knitting as the picture emerges, or the simplicity of the stocking stitch back and sleeves - so quick to knit up.
Most memorable - A navy sweater with a pink pig face on the front and the pig bottom with curly tail on the back, for my nephew then aged about six. Caused a sensation in the dinner queue, I was told. But then my sister was asked to embroider on some black tusks, as being called Miss Piggy didn't go down too well.

A sweater with a sheepdog, customised with the name "Mist", which was the name of their dog.

A dark green sweater with a big red tractor, like the one they had, again for my nephew, aged about eight. Then it occurred to me how an adult version for his dad would be fun, so I knitted in their names as well. Pattern was in the "Farmers' Guardian" as I recall.

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Kendra said...

I'd have loved to see that piggy jumper it sounds so sweet!