Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who knew?

So who knew that the very moment I start a knitting blog is also the moment my knitting career was doomed to end? (Or perhaps not, if you're an optimist, which I'm not)

I find myself suffering from a condition known as trigger thumb, which gives me limited grip with my right thumb and, at times, extreme pain and immobility. You know, you use that thumb for all sorts of things: gripping, turning keys, writing... But I only have to reach into my bag for something and it feels as if I've been bitten.

So, of course knitting, at least the way I've always done it is not recommended. I grip and release the yarn between my finger and thumb. Not any more though. Surgery is scheduled to release the nodule on the tendon, then we'll see.

Not a lot of progress on my work in progress meanwhile.

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