Friday, January 27, 2006

Wearable Woollies

I did make two items in my teens which became favourite items. The first was advertised as knittable in six hours, because it was on huge needles using six strands of DK at a time. I took a bit longer than that but it was still wonderfully quick to knit. The fabric produced was very loose with a tendency to sag, but I solved this by always wearing it with a long sleeved black t-shirt under it. I think it was, from the start, a home jumper - it already looked well-worn.

In my early teens no fashion dreamt up by Mary Quant and as worn by Twiggy was too extreme for me, although I was never built like Twiggy myself. Yet it was still possible then for girls to dress in tweeds - knee-length skirt, blouse and jumper. Variations of this can clearly be seen on the more studious of the girls on my freshers photo. Very frumpy it looked, even then. I made two sensible tweed skirts, and then I knitted a simple jumper in beige stocking stitch. The fact that it was in Jaeger Celtic Spun, bought in a sale, gave it a timeless quality which I just loved even when it was wearing thin. And just last week there was some Celtic Spun on e-bay. I was sorely tempted.

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