Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fashion Victim

The poncho! Believe me it was no more convincing as a garment the first time round. Somehow I decided that dark brown, lemon and turquoise stripes would be an exotic choice for a poncho. I certainly never saw another like it, and I did in fact wear it once, at a rather dismal party. It was knit in a loose slipped stitch so it was easy to unravel.

Then there was the Pinguoin Classique Crylor dress, as advertised in the "Mirror". The idea was to knit a sleeveless top and then crochet a skirt on to the hem. I bought the peach colourway, my friend a deep wine colour. Both needed an underdress of lining material to make them decent. I recall another party, more lively than the first, at which the unravelling potential of crochet became apparent.

I notice that the Knitting and Crochet Guild have a black and silver version in their collection - a sight more sophisticated than peach.

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ra said...

hey Shandy, welcome to the blogosphere. happened on you whilst clicking on the UK knits "random" selection link I have on my sidebar. Nice to see a new blogger.