Friday, July 07, 2017

Easedale Tarn

The good weather continuing, we looked for a less strenuous walk than the Crinkles.  Parking in Grasmere, we began the walk to Easedale Tarn.

Rhododendrons, often in quite lurid colours, are a feature of Lakeland gardens.

The path leads out across fields leading on the right to Helm Crag, the famous Lion and the lamb profile above Grasmere.

Soon the path began to climb, revealing this waterfall.

Eventually we reached the tarn itself, a wonderful sight on a very hot day.

We sat down to eat our sandwiches and were soon attended by these two gulls, very polite in their behaviour.  The black-headed gull came in close to beg and retrieve crusts, while the herring gull kept his distance but was assertive in claiming fragments thrown out to him.

On the way down, we noticed this evidence of recent severe weather scarring the hillside.

We passed this curious barn, note the date over the door.  So what might solar panels be doing on an agricultural building like this?

  We crossed paths with three intrepid ladies from the States who were on the Coast to Coast and determined not to miss their way.  Down the valley we heard them asking everyone they met for reassurance that they were headed for Grasmere.  We wondered how they got on over the Pennines.

It was very enjoyable to have a decent teashop to hand at the end of our walk.

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knitski said...

Oh, thanks so much for the great walk! Such beautiful country to see through your lense.