Monday, June 05, 2017

Progress Report

Some progress has been made with the waistcoat.  The notion here is drawn from a sweater in the Shetland Museum which uses a wide range of lozenge patterns in each horizontal band.  I have simplified this by choosing just two in each band, and even so the piece looks very busy.

By now, I have knitted the other side of the front, until I ran out of fawn yarn.

It would seem counter-intuitive to use different lozenge patterns for the matching side, so in total I have now used six patterns.  The museum sweater would have had six different patterns in each band.

However, I'm pleased with the warmth of the colour mix I am using.

We've been up to Cumbria, first to the Langdales and then to our own cottage in the little town of Maryport.  In a little junk shop up the coast we found these two chairs.

These may look like ordinary kitchen chairs, but they are a little more interesting than that.  They were made of beech, with elm seats, probably in the late 19th century.  While giving them a coat of polish, I came across these initials on the back of each chair. 

This is the maker's stamp; he has signed his work.  I just love them - the colour, the grain on the seats, the whole thing.  They are very comfortable to sit on, which has to be important too.

Some harbour scenes at Maryport. An old capstan.

A pretty ancient looking trawler

One which looks more like the business

And, this haunting reminder that stormy weather makes fishing still a dangerous business.


MaureenTakoma said...

Ooh, I like that color scheme much better than that from the hat. It will be a handsome waistcoat and I look forward to hearing about your progress.

What a nice surprise to find a sign of the maker on your chairs. Thrift and junk shops are always fun to poke about in because you never know what gem you might find. You and your husband seem to be very good at it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Shandy!
Your waistcoat takes my breath away! I don't think it looks busy, I think it looks rich and interesting and endlessly fascinating. I laugh to imagine us meeting while you are wearing this and instead of looking into your eyes and smiling, I can't stop looking at the gorgeous knitting. I'm looking forward to seeing it complete.

Your virtual friend from Minneapolis, Minnesota- Marilyn

p.s. Love the chairs, too. Great find.

knitski said...

Such great travels!