Monday, September 26, 2016


Four more hours on the train took us down the Rhine valley to Freiberg, an old university city in the Black Forest.  We did see a few cuckoo clocks but of the famous gateau there was not a kirsch-soaked cherry to be seen.

We saw many painted facades

interesting carvings

detailed mosaics

and the little channels of fresh water for which the town is famous.  On these hot days we saw children paddling in these to keep cool.

Freiberg has its own splendid cathedral.  We climbed up the spiral stairway up to a room high above the square, just below the belfry.  Then it was up an even narrower stairway inside one of the openwork spires - terrifying.

Freiberg suffered heavy damage in WW2, and its cathedral was seriously impaired.  Perhaps they removed the medieval guild windows to save them?  Here the boot-makers' and the bakers' windows.

Finally, this striking image of St George and the dragon.

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knitski said...

I would love to see these windows the stained glass from this era is stunning. I for one could sit and watch the light move across these windows forever.