Saturday, August 08, 2015

Art in Context

A walk around Marks Hall, just outside our village, where an exhibition of sculpture had been set out.  Marks Hall is an arboretum on the site of a mansion demolished just after WW2.  A stream has been dammed to form lakes and the whole thing is a delight.

On part of the walk is a walled garden, now set up as a series of garden rooms in a very inventive way.

We've never seen peacocks in the grounds before, but this one was very richly coloured.


And this week's knitting.  Recently, I visited Maldon for lunch and was sorry to see the wool shop closing down.  Two 100gm balls of yarn at £!.73 each made all these: two little cardigans and a Gidday Baby knitted from the bottom up, and incorporating a Fair Isle band from Sheila McGregor.

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Janet McKee said...

Very attractive knitting.