Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baby Knits

 In a reaction to knitting from complex Fair isle charts, I decided to do some charity knitting.  I found a charity on Ravelry which knits items for the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.   Each month thirty plus infants are born there and they need warm clothing.

As I've said before I've done a bit of charity knitting in my time.  I once knitted a whole batch of hats for the homeless in Austin, Texas, in response to an appeal from a regular blogger.  I knitted eleven pairs of kids' mittens out of one giant ball of yarn for an appeal for Rochester, New York. 

  Somehow I don't feel drawn to knitting for the homeless closer to home, since the last thing some of these unfortunate people need is to be wearing a rather odd, hand-knitted hat.  Thinsulate would be better for their self-respect, and warmth.

However, knitting for the infants of Pine Ridge is just the ticket.  Each of these little garments only takes a few days, and it is possible to use up odd balls of acrylic.  Knitting with very bright colours can be cheering on dull days, I find - try bright yellow.  The patterns are available for free on Ravelry, and can be customised in different ways.  Small spells of time, such as train journeys, can be used on these simple projects.

I've recently had a letter back from the coordinator in South Dakota, so I know that my items have arrived and are already in use.  An ideal project. 


kristieinbc said...

What a great thing to do! I'm sure the items will be greatly appreciated. I'm still on a Fair Isle phase. It doesn't show any signs of letting up. :-)

Robin said...

Wonderful! I'm sure your sweaters are the most popular.