Wednesday, June 04, 2014

La'al Ratty

No visit to Eskdale would be complete without a  trip on the miniature railway, now a toy for the enthusiast and tourist, but once part of the mining industry at Boot.  We noted that the shop sold the usual tourist items, but also rain ponchos, travel blankets, sou'westers... presumably those arriving in the open carriages on rainy days would find these helpful for the return journey.

We took the train down the valley for a couple of stages and then walked back along the river, up a track said to be that used by the Romans on their way to their fort at Hardknott.

Bluebells were much in evidence here and elsewhere.

Crossing the river by these stepping-stones we came to the little valley church - we always enjoy a church.

Back up to Dalegarth Station for lunch.  My husband was gratified to see an actual steam engine in use - our train had been pulled by diesel.

For most of the route to Ravenglass there is only a single track.  So here, at the head of the line, they deploy a turntable to rotate the engine for the return journey. 


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