Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inside Out

Much discussion recently on vintage Fair Isle garments.  My favourite winter cardigan was made by a now-defunct company called In Stitches, on a knitting machine.  I was lucky enough to find it in Oxfam in a pristine state, perhaps because the fastenings suggest a male garment, while the colourway, while not girly, is rather pretty.

I have worn it to the point where major repairs are needed to cuffs and elbows.  I'm thinking brown leather patches.

Secondly, a more recent purchase, again from a charity shop.  This is an oversized cardigan from In Stitches, which was brand new with tags.  The level of detail on this one is very appealing: picot edgings and little cables incorporated into the ribs and cuffs.  In the summer, when I bought it, I wondered whether it would be too big to wear comfortably, but the first cold snap made it seem snug and cosy.

Finally, a Per Una cardigan from the M&S Outlet store.  This has a pleasing denimy look to it, but the surprise is that the design is worked as a standard colourwork pattern - but the inside, stranded side is the right side in wear.  Interesting how this makes it more modern as a design.


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jeanfromcornwall said...

I've been noticing the inside-out colourwork in M&S - and I have even seen, in Tesco, a colourwork yoke sweater with some purl bumps in the design - reminiscent of Bohus! They may be machine made, but there are some commercial designers out there who are using their depth of knowledge of knitting techniques.