Friday, September 20, 2013

A bit of knitting

At last I have a finished object to show.  This one took a while, as I got to the edging and thought it rather heavy but couldn't think what to use instead.  So I just shortened the depth of it.

I bought the Drops magazine at a textile fair, and was surprised by how minimalist the patterns are.  Even quite detailed cabled designs will have sketchy instructions.  This is a shawl in a straightforward lace, or at least it's straightforward once the pattern is set up.

I used an acrylic called "Baby" in a 200 gm ball - the shawl took up almost all of it.  It had a really bouncy texture, but I steam pressed it to give it some drape and this produced a flatter, but more delicate finish. 

The finished shawl is going to the Wrapped in Care project in Minnesota.  I like the idea of Dee, the chaplain, offering the shawl to a mother in distress.  I hope it serves its purpose.

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